Project Management – How We Work

Each project we undertake goes through a process to ensure guaranteed results and customer satisfaction. We split the process of project management into five phases.

It is our believe that knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and approach when applied in the correct way will result in success.

We apply the same principles when planning web design, web applications, IT services and auditing.

This structured way of working is also applied to our IT Support services. For further information please take a look at our IT Support page.

Tell us your idea


First of all an idea or concept will be carefully examined. During this phase we will identify if the project can be realistically completed and discuss other options with our client if necessary.


We will then put a plan and scope in writing to outline the work that will be performed.

At this point we will prioritise each phase and determine what resources and timescales are needed. This will then enable us to move forward and budget correctly and advise on costs for our clients.

Project Launch

When we launch a new project we allocate the resources and tasks with timelines agreed for each phase. All important information will be communicated to ensure everyone is prepared.

Performance and Control

Performance and control is an important part of the process where we compare the status and progress to the actual plan. During this phase we may need to adjust schedules or do what is necessary to keep developments on track.

Our clients are updated at all times on the progress to make sure there are no delays in delivery.


On completion of tasks we will evaluate the successes and learn from project history. We will continue to provide support options depending on the type of system and its ongoing maintenance requirements.

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